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Gerardo Mantilla

CEO - Founder

Gerardo Mantilla is an engineer and MBA with more that 20 years of experience in telecommunication market with extensive knowledge and proven results. Focus on spectrum management, specifically on mobile and satellites spectrum. Specifically participating in planning, administration and assignments procedures for 3G and 4G technologies. Additionally, he worked for regulator, mobile operator and international consulting teams.

He has worked with regulatory authorities, mobiles network operators and consulting teams. And participated with international organizations such as ITU and CITEL - OAS and meetings in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, China, Japan and South Korea.

Gerardo has experience analyzing telecom regulatory environment from 16 Latin America countries. Right now, he develops the new methodologies to define spectrum value and spectrum assignment procedures: SpectrumInvest, SpectrumInvest Procedure, Invest-Drivers and SpectrumInvest Shared.


Gloria Peña

Associate Partner

Gloria Peña has 21 years of experience in programming information systems, technical support, sales and consulting in ICT. She studied in Lisandro Alvarado Central Western University. 

Gloria has experience in NAT implementation, private networks and IP configuration. Technical support and advice for clients with SAINT system, installation, configuration and training.

SAND and SAND AI system administrator, customer control database and developed a procedure manuals of SAND system. She is a senior cybersecurity engineer. 

Team: Equipo
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