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SpectrumInvest Shared

Spectrum and network share

It is a technical-regulatory model based on spectrum and network sharing designed by us. In order to accelerate the mobile network deployments in rural and coverage limited zones.

SpectrumInvest Shared: Servicios

SpectrumInvest Shared

Spectrum and network sharing to accelerate coverage in areas without access or limited access, allows to reduce deployment time and maintain competition between mobile network operators and even virtual mobile operators. Our model defines relationship between participants by defining a scheme adapted to CAPEX and OPEX. To achieve a return on investment and a reasonable profit margin.

The spectrum and networks sharing were stablished by 3GPP standards. The objective is aptly SpectrumInvest Shared to improve coverage in rural zones. Normally, regulators define coverage obligation to achieve it. However, we propose to change coverage obligation by promote coverage.

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