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​We desiged Invest-Drivers that it will help to invest recovery on rural zones. Regulatory policy and mobile market that has been investment-intensive. And it has limited profit margins. In some cases, their EBITDA in percentage terms has fallen by 10% or 20% in recent years. As well as allocation processes and real objective of these allocations have evolved and understanding that market needs is a real boost so that investors can have clear incentives to carry out 5G network deployments.

Giving mobile operators benefits that imply making better investment use to be able to cover faster and increase offer from more than one operator in rural zones. Therefore, we believe that establishing a spectrum valuation based on operator’s investments, bring greater benefits to countries economy, since it has a positive impact on direct and indirect jobs and better services coverage.

In another point of view, if changes or fiscal incentives are established for operators due to investments increase, investments benefits are directly transferred to the country real economy. What brings greater benefits compared to increase in regulator and country budget. These are benefits that end up being more direct, creating jobs and improving coverage that directly impacts in digital economy.

Invest-Drivers: Texto


Investment accelerators

Covering rural areas with no access or limited access requires innovative measures to reduce the mobile network deployment times. From both sides, offer and demand.

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Invest-Drivers: Service
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