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About Artifex Consulting LLC

We innovate

We have been the first company to design a new spectrum pricing and allocation models, spectrum and network sharing available and innovative measures to drive investments and mobile networks deployments in rural and limited coverage zones. Additionally, we designed a regulatory innovation processes to adapt the legal framework to facilitate new business models.

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Spectrum valuations

It is an innovative methodology that define the spectrum value bases on the investments to mobile network deployments. With the objective of achieving a coverage goals in a maximum period of five (05) years.

SpectrumInvest Procedure

Spectrum auction

It is a spectrum allocation procedure based on the Simultaneous Multiple Round Auction (SMRA). Combining the Bottom - Up process to investment offers and Bottom - Down to define the spectrum price.


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SpectrumInvest Shared

Spectrum and network share

It is a technical-regulatory model based on spectrum and network sharing designed by us. In order to accelerate the mobile network deployments in rural and coverage limited zones.


Investment accelerators

Covering rural areas with no access or limited access requires innovative measures to reduce the mobile network deployment times. From both sides, offer and demand.

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Innovate Regulatory

A new regulation  way

We developed a model to implement an innovation approach in regulation. To focus change, from Information, Tecnology and Communications (ICT) to digital services.

Innovate Training

A new way to training your team

We prepare your teams to face challenges with innovative solutions based on simulation games. And professional certifications based on IFGICT standards.

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16043 Glenbrook Knoll, Houston, Texas 77096.  • United States of America

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